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Metal stamping, deep drawing and metal spinning

We operate in the field of industrial subcontracting for services involving: metal stamping, deep metal drawing and metal spinning. We have over fifty years of experience in sheet metal turning and over thirty in metal stamping and deep drawing. Over the years we have designed a series of semi-finished products for light fittings: pressed parts for light fittings, for the bathroom and furnishing which form our catalogue.

Our many machine tools for processing sheet metals together with long years of experience in metal machining and skilled staff, allow us to follow the production process from the customer's specifications through to the development of the finished product. For the processes we do not see to ourselves (painting, welding, assembly etc.) we have been closely collaborating with trusted sub-suppliers for many years.

Our versatile and modern machinery and the highly flexible organisational model allow us to satisfy the most exacting clientele and cover varied sectors of production activities. The products obtained by metal stamping, deep drawing or metal spinning find an application in many production sectors, including:

  • lighting,
  • bathroom,
  • furnishing,
  • chimney systems and flues,
  • construction,
  • fancy goods.

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