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Metal stamping and deep metal drawing

Metal stamping consists in the deformation of a piece of sheet metal in a flat blank to obtain a three-dimensional part that can have a high depth-cross section ratio. Metal deep drawing is a process that consists in the cold deformation of sheet metals to obtain concave or convex surfaces. For deep drawing metals, fluid power presses are used with a low feed speed that can be changed according to requirements.

We have been operating in the field of metal stamping and deep drawing for over thirty years. Our series of machine tools for processing sheet metal allows us to perform many accessory operations besides stamping. Typically: drilling, borders, trimming. We are equipped for the production of pressed parts in both small and large batches.

We are skilled in stamping:

  • ferrous metals: iron and aisi;
  • non ferrous metals: brass, aluminium and copper.

Our machine tools include:

  • fluid power presses up to 130 Ton;
  • eccentric presses up to 100 Ton.

We can draw parts with the following characteristics:

  • up to 220 mm in height;
  • up to 720 mm in diameter;
  • up to 3 mm in thickness.

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