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Metal spinning

Metal spinning allows us to obtain shaped parts (conical or cylindrical) by deforming a metal disk. The operation is carried out on a machine called lathe, which turns a metal disk on which a tool works, which deforms the initial disk until it takes the required shape.

We have over fifty years of experience in sheet metal turning and turnery. We possess automatic and servo-assisted lathes, which allow us to be competitive in terms of costs and produce top quality parts. We have a large number of other machine tools for processing sheet metal with which to perform accessory operations on the turned products, such as: drilling, bordering, trimming, threading.

The sheet metals we can turn are:

  • iron,
  • aisi,
  • brass,
  • aluminium,
  • copper.

We can turn parts with the following characteristics

  • up to 2 mm in thickness for aisi and up to 2.5 mm for the other metals;
  • up to 1000 mm in diameter .

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